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Prometheus found above at the Rockefeller Centre, New York, 'Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends.'

Prometheus was a Titan of forethought and wise counsel, but lived amongst the people of earth in caves and other cold places. He asked Zeus to give them fire to improve their well-being, it was refused.


Prometheus however believed people had rights; the right to see and exceed the stars, to benefit from their sweat and toil, but most of all Prometheus believed people had the right to opportunity.


Defiant and daring, Prometheus lit his torch from the sun, hid it in a stalk of fennel and gave the people fire.


When Zeus punished the people by unleashing pain, disease, anxiety, and misfortune on the world. Prometheus prevented their destruction by using ingenuity, medicine, art, and science to help humanity.

Promethean fire (sometimes compared to ‘kundalini’) gave people the power and opportunity to beat pain, disease and anxiety, and build happy healthy lives.


Based on Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound (c.5th Century B.C.)

Promethean BioPharma started life in July 2017 as TCann Pty Ltd, founded in Australia to improve access to medical cannabis and to satisfy the Government's desire to grow the export of Australian cannabis. In November 2017, TCann entered into it's first distribution partnership with Anspec, a pharmaceutical distributor with a track record of over 35 years of global medical distribution and executed a long term lease over a co-located Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) accredited  pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in a premier Sydney location.

In 2018, TCann was instrumental in working with government to kick-start the rapid growth of the Australian cannabis market and we received a Medical Cannabis Licence, Cannabis Research Licence, Medical Cannabis Manufacture Licence and GMP accreditation for the research, manufacturing and cultivation of cannabis. This followed in 2019 with the first ever NSW Health Licence to Manufacture and Supply Drugs of Addiction (S8) to be issued for Medicinal Cannabis.

By 2020, the manufacturing facility had started providing contract manufacturing services including packaging and relabelling for private clients.

In 2021, we entered into supply agreements with Canadian suppliers for world class dried bud and unique rapid onset Nano-tinctures. We also entered into a tripartite agreement with Mind Medicines Australia and MYND Life Sciences to commercialise their current research and development into psilocybin, MDMA and other novel medicines. We signed agreements with Fresh Clinics to supply skin care products and cannabis medicines and with The Healing Clinic and Company to supply cannabis medicines. Our contract manufacturing division also grew rapidly expanding its GMP capabilities in response to demand based on our reputation.

When fire was taken from humanity, Prometheus used ingenuity to return it to humanity in need. When disease was unleashed on the world, Prometheus helped humanity to find health. We are Promethean and we invite you to join us as a Promethean. Come and be a Promethean with us and together, we will change the world for the better.

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