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Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

At Promethean BioPharma, we believe that being commercially successful and operating ethically are key in generating sustainable returns for our shareholders and in meeting strategic objectives. We started by putting in place a strong board to keep the executive accountable and to ensure that good controls underpin all that the company does. Our board is made up of successful people from all areas of business, politics and health.


We operate as a socially responsible company and commit to ensure our Research & Development and our products, are used to both address health needs and promote wellness. We believe that our products should be affordable and easily available and that as a business we should support our employees to be their best at all times. We strive to challenge the status quo so that patients and consumers have access to products that both help them to feel better and to promote ongoing wellness.

Our operations in each location are aligned with our global strategy to ensure that we operate ethically and responsibly in all locations. There is no place for waste in Promethean BioPharma. We adhere to environmentally sustainable practices and principles to reduce waste and prevent environmental damage from all of our operations. Our Australian facility is powered by a significant solar array on its roof, a Building Management System that reduces power wastage and a rainwater harvesting system that reduces our reliance on local water supplies. Our concern for climate change is real and plays a part in all our decision making.

To continue to achieve our goals and be successful, we continuously review our operating model and pursue strategies that deliver sustainable performance through innovation and expansion of access. Through our partnerships and our supply, we are supporting clinical trial treatments that address some of the most upsetting and prevalent diseases in the world. 

Promethean BioPharma delivers on its commitments by operating responsibly and ensuring its core values are always the focus. Our board, which operates at a global level, ensures the approach we take on corporate responsibility is appropriate. The board has overall oversight and ensures accountability. The board is driven by social outcomes as represented by the background of each member. Social impacts and accountability to our markets and suppliers remain a key performance indicator set by the board. 

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