Promethean BioPharma products are available under prescription from your doctor or authorized prescriber at pharmacies across Australia. The range is the standard 4 tinctures but in this case water soluble (not oil). The range includes a high quality herbal product and shortly two premium quality herbal products.


Patients should ensure that any inhaled product meets the TGO100 standard for inhalation.



Further advanced tincture technology products are currently in development to add to the Promethean BioPharma range.


The range also includes a high-quality herbal product (GMP imported and TGO100 compliant for inhalation) and, separately, two premium indoor grow herbal products which have been assessed by the International Cannabis Standard (


The first bud product is immediately available with the second and third coming available as GMP product manufactured in Australia during April 2022 (also compliant to TGO100 for inhalation).


TGA has recently simplified prescribing of Medicinal Cannabis for doctors and pharmacists because the use of cannabis as a medicine has grown significantly. Becoming an Authorized Prescriber for Categories 1-3 now only involves filling a simple form on the TGA Web Portal:

New streamlined process for medicinal cannabis applications | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)


Pharmacies can contact us directly for further information or;


Order Promethean BioPharma products through our Australian distributor, Anspec

Promethean BioPharma
Nick Terry
Mobile: 0411 213 994


Anspec Online Portal – How to order

Ordering Medicinal Cannabis via Anspec portal for Pharmacists & Doctors:

Go to Anspec website -

Click “Shop Online” in the banner

On the drop down menu select:

➢ Log in - to enter your email address and password

➢ Sign up - to sign up as new pharmacy or Authorized Prescriber

➢ User guide - to see simple step-by-step instructions


Alternatively you can send through the paperwork and order by email:

We can accept paperwork and orders via fax on: 02 8438 8699

For any additional enquiries, please contact: 02 8438 8600 (press option 1, and option 1 again) or call 02 8438 8681