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Medical expertise is what we do

We have several medical professionals, who occupy key roles in the business at both the board and executive level, each contributing insight, advice and knowledge from their own areas of specialty and interest.

Dr Oberg – Non-Executive Director

  • Through his past role as Chief Policy and Medical Officer at The Flowr Corporation, Dr Oberg is well versed in the cannabis industry in Canada, its development, accessibility and the legal framework of the Canadian cannabis landscape.

  • As CEO of Mynd Life Sciences, Dr Oberg is involved in neuro-pharmaceutical drug development through advancing psychedelic-derived medicines based on neuro anti-inflammatory processes utilising rigorous scientific and clinical trials with an initial focus on Major Depressive Disorder.

  • Dr Oberg is acutely interested in mastering novel diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms for patient-focused treatments.

Dr Mainwaring – Non-Executive Director

  • Through his 25 years in Medical Oncology, Dr Mainwaring is focused on improving access for patients to effective and affordable diagnostic and treatment options.

  • As CEO of XING Technologies, Dr Mainwaring sits on the cutting edge of transformative diagnosis and monitoring technologies for cancer and disease. Dr Mainwaring is heavily involved in the development of proprietary, disruptive, innovative nanotechnologies which are transforming the future practice of medicine enabling personalised healthcare.

Dr Kale – Executive Director

  • Dr Kale is an Orthopaedic Surgical Registrar, health advocate and medicinal cannabis campaigner.

  • Dr Kale has long understood the benefits of medicinal cannabis in contributing to better health outcomes for patients, in reducing poly-pharma and complications, as well as their ability to significantly contribute across many other clinical indications. Dr Kale has been a driving force in ensuring greater reach, affordability and a smoother pathway to access for those patients for whom medicinal cannabis is the best treatment option.

  • Dr Kale is experienced in prescribing unregistered medicines and in managing patients who utilise these products.

Insight, Advice and Knowledge.

Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Paradigms.

Patient-Focused Treatments.

Affordable Diagnostic and Treatment Options.

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