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A letter from our CEO, Peter Comerford

We started Promethean BioPharma with a simple mission. To help people feel well and stay well.

We achieve our mission when our customers can access our products, whether as medicine, to maintain or improve health or, for recreation whether mental, emotional, social, or physical recreation.

Through advances in science in current clinical papers and clinical trials we are planning to go the next step to help people better manage their development, improve their work-life balance and to grow to their full potential.

​In order to be a sustainable business, we need to generate value for our shareholders. It’s important that we build and grow a financially stable company, but we didn’t choose to start and build Promethean BioPharma for financial reward. Many of us come from healthcare backgrounds where we have seen sickness and suffering, and we are passionately committed to finding ways to eliminate needless suffering. We genuinely believe that, sustainably, we can make a positive contribution to the physical and mental health and welfare of people.

We also believe that the products and therapies that Promethean BioPharma develops, makes, and distributes, will contribute to a better society, and to improved health economics. We purposefully work with governments and, partner with medical professionals and scientists that align with this philosophy, who also share these principles and goals.


We call ourselves Promethean BioPharma taken from Prometheus, the Greek Titan, also known as a ‘fore-thinker’. Legend has it that Prometheus used ingenuity, science, and various other skills to help humanity develop and overcome adversity. As the legend goes, when disease was unleashed on the world, Prometheus helped humanity return to health and to be empowered to do mighty things.

At Promethean BioPharma, we are inspired by this. We exist to do what Prometheus did – return health to people, empower them and together, we will do mighty things.

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