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Dr Lyle Oberg

Non-Executive Director


Lyle was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as a Progressive Conservative (a provincial centre-right party in Alberta) in 1993. As an influencer and advocate, Lyle was appointed in 1997 as the Minister of Family and Social Services.

Lyle introduced the Alberta Child Health Benefit Program and played a key role in the development of the Protection of Children Involved in Prostitution Act. Family and Community-focused, Lyle’s participation and involvement in support and research in health, behaviour, and law shows his skill in helping and reaching various populations.

Lyle was appointed as the Minister of Learning in May 1999, a post he held until November 2004. In addition to his engagement and participation in politics and medicine, Lyle also is involved with educational initiatives. He was an active member of the Canadian Ministers of Education and led the Canadian delegation to an International Group of 8 (G8) Education Ministers meeting, which is an inter-governmental and political forum. In 2004, Lyle was appointed as the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation and in 2006, was named Minister of Finance in Premier Ed Stemach’s cabinet. In June 2010, Lyle created and opened the first private DNA testing facility in Canada called C2DNA which is located in Edmonton.

Lyle worked as Chief Policy and Medical Officer for The Flowr Corporation in Canada until recently and now serves as a Business Advisor for The Resilient Mind Project as well as being CEO of Mynd Lifesciences. Mynd Lifesciences is a company focused on improving mental health through research and development of novel medicines such as psilocybin.

Medical Doctor, University of Alberta, Canada.

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