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The Other World (1657)

A human contains all that is needed to make up a tree; likewise, a tree contains all that is needed to make up a human. Thus, finally, all things meet in all things, but we need a Prometheus to distil it.

- Cyrano de Bergerac


Help find a way of feeling better!

Using new next generation high-technology for a fast and reliable dosage of medicinal cannabis in a form that does not come at the expense of your health.


FAST ONSET from 4 to 10 times faster than oil-based products

ABILITY TO REGULATE DOSAGE delivered in a water-based dissolvable tablet

UP TO 60% absorption rate

CLINICAL TRIAL for over-the-counter medication


COULD ALLOW REDUCTION of harmful pain and related medication

In Good Company

Promethean's success is driven by partner relationships with practitioners, patients, consumers and brands worldwide.

Promethean BioPharma is the market-leading manufacturer and distributor of medicinal cannabis, psilocybin, MDMA, and best value CBD oils, buds, and emulsions for health professionals and medical treatments. You can buy our products in Australia, North America, Europe, and Asia. CBD products are now legal to purchase in Australia over the counter, we expect to see products available to patients in the near future.

Medicinal cannabis has been prescribed for a number of common ailments and diseases including mental depression, anxiety, lupus, cancer, and more. If your doctor is not familiar with prescribing medicinal cannabis then contact us for a recommendation in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or across Australia.

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