Our products are available by prescription from your doctor. If you are looking for a doctor who can assess your eligibility and prescribe product confidentially and discreetly, please feel free to contact Dr Yan Ren through her website

We encourage patients to familiarise themselves with the history and extensive evidence for prescription of medicinal cannabis products in Australia. Further information is avaiable at the following resource. Medicinal Cannabis Prescribing in Australia: An Analysis of Trends Over the First Five Years.

Currently under consultation in NSW are proposed changes to the Road Transport Act which provides for medicinal cannabis patients to be exempt from offences relating to intoxication, similar to laws relating to driving under influence of other prescription medications where they have been prescribed by a medical professional. Promethean BioPharma encourages constituents to speak to their local Member of Parliament and make a submission in relation to this. Further information is available here at the website of the NSW Government.