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Tinctures (Oils & Emulsions)

CBD and Balanced tinctures are generally being prescribed for inflammation, seizures, nausea, anxiety, depression, migraines, psychosis. ​High THC tinctures are generally being prescribed to assist in the treatment of pain, lack of appetite (e.g. while undergoing cancer treatment), insomnia, glaucoma, inflammation, nausea (side effect of cancer treatment), muscle spasticity.

Our emulsions have been engineered to improve the ease of use of the medicine and to reduce waste. It is water-soluble and has an improved taste to make it very different from oil-based medications. Promethean BioPharma is one of the best suppliers of these products in Sydney, Melbourne, Australia, North America, Europe, and Asia. CBD products are now legal to purchase in Australia over the counter, we expect to see products available to patients in the near future. Buy now!


CBD/THC containing medications usually come as an oil-based formula, this is because Cannabis extract itself is an oil. As you may know, it is not possible to mix oil and water. With our nano-emulsion the droplet size is truly less than 100 x 10-9m and so is completely water soluble.


Due to the chemical and structural nature of the human digestive system, drugs that are swallowed as oils usually have very low bio-availability, meaning your body can only absorb a small percentage of the medicine you swallow. About 6% with CBD/THC solutions.


This means that traditionally, in order to absorb a sufficient amount of the medication, people had to hold the oil under their tongue which many people find unpleasant and most of the oil is still swallowed.


As a solution to this, we have identified a technique that is used in the US of breaking an oil-based compound into very small oil droplets and surrounding these droplets with a solution which more easily interacts with water and water-based solutions.


Nano-emulsion droplet structures are very small, less than 1% of the size of a human cell.


This method of medicine delivery enables the medicine to be better absorbed by the digestive system following swallowing, and therefore more effectively delivered to the blood stream where it can then make its way to your tissues and have its desired effect.


It also eliminates holding oils under your tongue for long periods, and the issues that go with it including bad breath and unpleasant aftertaste.


This emulsion based product has a pleasant smell and is free from “oily” texture. It will dissolve in water for ease of administration or can be taken as drops in the mouth. The taste is described as “medical” or “neutral” and therefore may be more palatable for compromised patients.

We are one of the best suppliers of cannabis tinctures (oils and emulsions) in Sydney, Melbourne, Australia, North America, Europe, and Asia. CBD products are now legal to purchase in Australia, we expect to see our products available to patients over the counter in the near future. In the meantime, our full range of THC & CBD emulsions are available by prescription from your doctor.
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