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Promethean BioPharma has set a global benchmark in medicinal cannabis products and its latest innovation – a medicinal cannabis tablet – is the sixth-generation of cannabis-based treatments.


Previous generations starting with the plant (Gen 1) and oil squeezed from the plant (Gen 2) through to capsules and micro-sprays and arriving at sub-micron particle products including Gen 5 emulsions.


The new tablet, manufactured from plant-based extracts, is the first of its kind and has been formulated using patented sub-micron technology to create a regulated 30 mg medicinal cannabis tablet.


The tablet is available now through prescription from a doctor.  Please CLICK HERE to find a doctor near you.


We are undertaking a groundbreaking clinical trial for the purpose of testing the effectiveness of CBD in reducing mild to moderate pain, with the goal to making a sublingual CBD tablet available as an over the counter medication.  If you are interested in participating in the trial, please CLICK HERE.

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